Ripples #926: A Good Question!

Ripples #926: A Good Question!
Feb 20, 2017


A good question is never answered. It is not a bolt to be tightened into place but a seed to be planted and to bear more seed toward the hope of greening the landscape of idea.
-John Ciardi, shared by Jason in San Luis Obispo, CA


Behind every problem is a question trying to ask itself. Behind every question is an answer trying to be revealed. Behind every answer is an action trying to take place. Behind every action is a way of life trying to be born.
-Michael Beckwith, shared by Leslie in Madison, WI


I love questions so much that I actually collect them! I have a couple of files on my computer where I store good questions that I come across. I then dip into my question bank when I want to stimulate ideas and conversations during presentations; they also come in handy at dinner parties and other social gatherings.

Below are a few of my favorites, along with links to where I encountered them. I dare you to spend time this week pondering these and perhaps sharing them at the dinner table, before a meeting begins, or any time you’re around other people you’d like to get to know better:

  1. What is a movie, book, or tv show that has changed how I look at the world? (Jane McGonigal)
  2. Who do I know that consistently brings their best self to work/school/life? (How does it show?) (Have I told them this?)
  3. What is the subtlest thing I can notice and be grateful for? (Curt Rosengren)
  4. When I fall, how do I pick myself back up? (Mike Figliuolo)
  5. Did I do my best to find meaning in my life today? (Peter Banerjea)
  6. What do I really want, and how might I be stopping myself from getting that? (Hannah Braime)
  7. What is the number one thing that, if I stopped doing it, would have the biggest positive impact on my life? (Hannah Braime)
  8. Is there anything I could do today to move me closer to my ideal life? (Katie Manning)
  9. Have I LOVED and LIVED fully today? (Brendan Baker)
  10. What do I need right now? (Vironika Tugaleva)Peace,
    The Ripples Guy
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