Ripples #910: Dropping Fear!

By October 31, 2016Ripples

Ripples #910: Dropping Fear!
Oct 31, 2016

Fear is the faulty belief of impending danger and can be dropped at will by living in the present.
-Abraham A. Low, (founder of Recovery International), shared by Florence in Cleveland, OH

I’m tired of fear shouting directions, so I don’t take them even though I hear those old voices. It’s just that they aren’t gentle, or beautiful and hopeful, so I give them no time.
-MaryAnn Fry, shared by Kelsey in Fond du Lac, WI



Since Monday is Halloween, I thought we could focus on helping us manage the scary things that are lurking in the shadows of of our minds.

Here in the U.S., the past several months have been especially hard on our fear activation systems since candidates and political parties are often trying to SCARE us rather than INSPIRE us. It’s not because they’re mean, by the way…it’s just because it is cheaper and simpler to fire up the parts of our brains that are hard wired to react to danger. The good news is that we’ve almost reached the finished line for this election cycle; the bad news is that if we’re not careful we could end up carrying the fear with us long after next week.

Fear can be a useful warning and a powerful motivator to act quickly in the face of real danger, although it is often misuse