Ripples #900: Connection.

Ripples #900: Connection.
Aug 22, 2016


All of my creation is an effort to weave a web of connection to the world; I am always weaving it because it was once broken.
-Anaïs Nin


If an apple blossom or a ripe apple could tell its own story it would be, still more than its own, the story of the sunshine that smiled upon it, of the winds that whispered to it, of the birds that sang around it, of the storms that visited it, and of the motherly tree that held it and fed it until its petals were unfolded and its form developed.
-Lucy Larcom, shared by Jessie in Oxford, OH


900 Mondays ago, way back in the first few days of 1999, a few people agreed to help me experiment with a brief splash of inspiration: a Monday morning email with a couple of uplifting quotes and something to think about for the week. I pledged to keep sending them out without charging and without marketing as long as people helped me find good quotes to share.  900 Mondays later, many of the original 75 folks who helped me pilot these little Ripples emails are still on board. A few more have joined us along the way, and every week a few of you submit quotes which helps me assemble a fresh batch of inspiration to unleash each week.

We’ve grown steadily over 900 weeks and we decided to celebrate our 900th issue with a minor tweak to the newsletter layout: you’ll notice in the footer below a “submit quote” button. If you come across a really good quote we would be thrilled if you took the time to share it with us.

Each time I hunker down to assemble another issue I am gently reminded that Ripples isn’t *from* me, nor is it *about* me. Instead, this has always been a team effort channeled *through* me: dozens of folks who have contributed inspirational quotes, hundreds of eager Ripplers who share them widely, and the thousands of you who take the time to read sixty seconds of inspiration that we unleash for your ponderment.  Thanks for 900 weeks of meaningful connection!

The Ripples Guy
P.S. If you can hang in for 100 more issues, we’ve already started planning something really special for our Thousandth Issue of Ripples. Stay tuned!

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