Ripples #859: Ripples of Your Potential!

Ripples #859: Ripples of Your Potential!
Nov 9, 2015


Everyone has potential… It is an infinite resource that cannot be exhausted, but can be lost in the clouds of fear and complacency. It may take courage to embrace the possibilities of your own potential, but once you’ve flown past the summit of your fears, nothing will seem impossible.
-Michael McKee, shared by Gloria in Boston, MA


You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness and trust.
You were born with ideals and dreams.
You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling,
so don’t.
You have wings.
Learn to use them and fly.
-Rumi, shared by Amy in Charlotte, NC


I enjoyed a brief visit with my longtime buddies from the USTA at their annual Tennis Development Workshop this past weekend. During the opening session I proposed that we could more effectively fulfill the potential of our work by releasing what holds us back (including *fear* and *complacency* mentioned in today’s Pebble) while embracing the possibilities that will help us achieve our highest potential (our *ideals* and *dreams* Rumi describes in our Boulder).

I would just love it if you spent a few minutes this week considering what potential energy you have built up in your soul. Be curious about how you could identify and remove any barriers that prevent you from turning that potential into action for growth.

While my USTA peeps and their partners jump back into their work of developing and promoting the growth of tennis, I want you to be developing and promoting the growth of YOU and YOUR POTENTIAL!


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