Ripples #1305: Elevating Hope


We rise by lifting others.
-Robert Ingersol, shared by Jamie in Iowa


To do something, however small, to make others happier and better, is the highest ambition, the most elevating hope, which can inspire a human being.
~John Lubbock, shared by Terry in Newport Beach, CA


Helping others feels good. (Duh.)

You know this, and I know it, too. After all, we are the ones who meet up here every week to spend a minute pondering the ongoing impact of our smallest actions. We are the ones who are united in our UROCK mission: Unleashing Ripples of Compassion + Kindness. Why do WE need reminders like this?

Because life gets busy, and we’re human. Even us folks who “get it” also regularly get caught up in all the stuff swirling around us. And as we focus on our own stuff, we gradually forget about the other stuff and the other people out there who are grappling with their stuff.

I’m a little embarrassed about how many times I forget that one of the fastest and most effective antidotes to a downward spiral of overwhelm and/or despair is to pause long enough to notice someone else around us who could benefit from a small lift–and then providing that lift.

It can be as small as holding the door an extra few seconds, or going a little out of your way to share a compliment or do a quick favor for someone. Following our instincts to commit a small kindness usually lifts the spirit of the the receiver, the giver, and sometimes even bystanders who happen to catch it happening. And the really nifty thing about Elevating Hope is that it tends to inspire more people to commit more kindness, extending those ripples ever outward.

Remember? Oh yeah, me too.

P.S. And on this marvelous Memorial Day Monday….I hope our Ripplers here in the U.S. are enjoying the holiday weekend AND also making time to recognize those who sacrificed in service to our country, elevating hope for all of us.

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