Ripples #1278: Practicing Gratitude


With gratitude, optimism is sustainable. If you can find something you’re grateful for, you can find something to look forward to. And you carry on.
-Michael J. Fox, shared by Julie in Cincinnati AND Susan in Columbus


Practicing gratitude doesn’t mean burying unwanted feelings or looking for the silver lining in a bad situation. Practicing gratitude means acknowledging what is still good alongside the mess.
-Heidi Barr, shared by Katie in Montana


As Thanksgiving arrives here in the U.S., many of us are busy preparing for the holidays: rushing around trying to get lots of stuff done…and hoping we’re able to enjoy some time where we have less stuff we need to get done.

In addition to good food and fun times, these are also tough days for many folks for a variety of reasons. The unsettling times we’re living in can understandably diminish our holiday spirits, and this time of year can generate complicated thoughts and feelings because of the memories they stir up and/or the sky-high expectations we often have of them.

What ever is going on in within and around you right now, I hope there’s at least one thing (or maybe two?) you can notice that is evidence of light. And then take an extra beat to more than just notice it: appreciate it, savor it, thank it.

P.S. If you’ve got time and bandwidth for a deeper dive into gratitude, last month’s Zoom call with my Patreon Peeps is available as a podcast episode via The Ripples Pondcast or you can catch the video replay on YouTube.

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