Ripples #1256: Rise Above


Once a day look at one soulless aspect of your culture and don’t participate.
-Thomas Moore, shared by Leslie in Madison, WI


If you ever get the chance to treat them the way they treated you, no matter how hurtful it was, I hope that you choose to walk away and do better.
Najwa Zebian, shared by Sharon in Arizona


If you’ve recently rolled your eyes and shook your hands in frustration at the state of things lately, I understand (and I’m with you). There are so many examples of unkind, unhelpful, uncivil, ungood behavior being exhibited in the news and on social media and just everywhere. GAH!

Of course you’re allowed to have whatever thoughts and feels you want/need to have, and if you’re feeling obligated to take some sort of action in response: go for it.


I think that every once in a while it is wise to Rise Above…to pause just long enough to take a deep breath (HERE NOW!). It doesn’t mean you’re going to ignore something awful, and it doesn’t mean you’re permanently barred from re-engaging in the world and in the ways that you feel called to do. It is simply an invitation to cultivate nonreactivity and maybe to rest for a hot minute. This may be just the ticket your system needs to rearrange your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical energy so you can respond in a way that aligns with your highest values, and serves the highest possible purpose.

Give it a whirl, and let me know if it helps.

P.S. June 19th aka Juneteenth, is now a federal holiday here in the U.S. For some it is a day of celebration, for others it might be an opportunity for acknowledgement, commemoration, and/or learning. Whatever it is for you, may it be special, and may it be good.

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