Ripples #1248: Personalize Your Life


When you personalize your life, when you make your life a place where you can be yourself, when you do things the way you want to do them, your life feels like your home.
~Mira Kirshenbaum, shared by a wise soul in the UK


Life is like a game. Dare to express yourself uniquely, authentically and creatively. Let your light shine brightly! Each choice you make will determine how fun, empowering and interesting your experience will be. Take yourself to the next level!
-The Dreaming Realm (via Kiva Lodge), shared by Lauranne in Madison, WI


Imagine you’re given an opportunity to temporarily re-locate to a different place than you’re currently living to spend some time studying/learning. The opportunity includes a small but comfortable place to live, and a small but comfortable allowance to decorate it so it feels like home. What do you think you’d do to the place to make sure it feels like a place you’d enjoy living there for a while?

Ok, now imagine that what we’re really talking about is not a place where you live, but the actual, current life you are living. Your mission (should you choose to accept it), is to get curious: what could you do to personalize your life a little more? How might you rearrange your calendar a bit to improve your effectiveness and enjoyment? Which people might you prioritize more, or less, or just differently? What objects should you place near you to help you remember and celebrate your aliveness?

For most of us, our hectic lives and busy schedules work best if a certain amount of our stuff is on automatic pilot…but every once in a while it can be good to pause for a review to see what tweaks might help us be more comfortable in the life we’re living. What do you think…are you in?


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