Ripples #1244: Present Presence


Present presence presents presents.
-Darren Hartberg
written and shared by Darren in Madison, WI who translates this quirky quip he recently came up with by explaining that this current (present) moment of being in awareness, or IS-ness (presence) with the universe provides (presents) us with many gifts (presents).


Learning to drop what we’re doing, however momentarily, and to genuinely pay attention in the present moment, without attachment or bias, helps us become clear, just as a snow globe becomes clear when we stop shaking it and its flakes settle.
-Lama Surya Das
shared by Pete in Colorado via Tricycle Magazine


So last week in Ripples #1243 I referenced a fictional congressman from a decades old fictional television show who happens to share the same last name as a current real life congressman. Some readers who skimmed the issue thought I was quoting the real life dude instead of a fictional dude, and a subset of them were quite displeased. So I spent the early part of last week cleaning up what felt like a mess.

In the postscript of the same issue, I invited Ripplers to join us for an informal talk on mindfulness I’m giving next week (more info below). So every day last week I spent some of my time cleaning up a mess which felt distracting and frustrating, while also spending time assembling ideas on how to use mindfulness to enhance concentration and calm. At some point, they converged.

I was scribbling down an idea about how to explain equanimity (which meditation teacher Jeff Warren describes as “inner smoothness” and one of the core muscles we can strengthen with regular mindfulness practice); I paused a moment, then realized with a smile that the “mess” had been a distraction that I had been resisting. With a bit of awareness and effort and lightness, I could mindfully choose to befriend the mess as part of my mindfulness practice.

Everything then fell into place so that I could welcome the mess (which made it easier and more fun to clean up) and also the example I can use in next week’s presentation (which made it easier and more fun to plan). ADDED BONUS: I even had something to ponder for this issue (which even made Ripples easier and more fun to plan, too).

I hope this week that something in your present presence present presents, and may it bring you both ease and joy!


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