Ripples #1231: Opening Up to the World


The more my actions are motivated by generosity, lovingkindness, and the wisdom of interdependence, the more I can relax and open up to the world.
-David Loy, shared by Pete in Colorado


Don’t worry about achieving.
Don’t worry about perfection.
Just be there each moment as best you can.
When you realize you’ve wandered off again,
simply very lightly acknowledge that.
This light touch is the golden key to reuniting with our openness.
-Pema Chödrön, shared by Jeff in Madison, WI


I hope the holidays are being kind to you.
I hope YOU are being kind to you.

As we make our way through the last days of 2022 and begin to dream about what possibilities might await us in the new year…perhaps the best gift we can give ourselves is to open up: open up our eyes, our ears, our hearts, and our spirits. Anything you can do to be a little more present, a little more mindful, a little more alive will help you open up to the world. This opening isn’t without consequences: you’ll unfortunately end up noticing a lot more of the yucky stuff that is going on in the world, but you’ll also get to see a lot of good stuff as well.

Opening up a little more allows us to more clearly see what’s waiting out there for us to explore, and also helps us get a better sense of what’s going on inside us: creative ideas, worthy intuitions, and daydreams that are yearning to be considered, pondered, and maybe even <gasp> acted upon.

I’ll have more to say next week about moving forward into the new year, for the next few days let’s see if we can open up to the world by resting in the here, now.

P.S. Holy moly…2023 is almost here. I’ll meet you back here in the new year with some fresh ripply adventures I think you’ll be excited to help out with….

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