Ripples #1182: Continuous Struggle


Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.
-Martin Luther King, Jr., shared by Julie in Missoula, MT


The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists, who are dedicated to justice, peace, and brotherhood. The trailblazers in human, academic, scientific, and religious freedom have always been nonconformists. In any cause that concerns the progress of mankind, put your faith in the nonconformist!
-Martin Luther King, Jr., shared by Mary in St. Louis, MO


For almost as long as the U.S. has been recognizing the third Monday in January as Martin Luther King Day, we’ve been honoring Dr. King’s legacy by echoing his words and sentiments in the third Ripples of the year. (You can peek at our archive here)

The wisdom we’re sharing today reminds us that much of the change that is necessary to improve our world will not happen on its own. We can’t just wish it into happening; instead, we need to will it into being…first by dreaming, and then by doing.

It is also true that changing the status quo is almost never accomplished by those who created the status quo. That’s why it is so important that we encourage nonconformists, those with the creativity to see things differently and the courage to forge new paths. They bring with them both passion and perseverance and while they don’t necessarily need our permission, they could certainly benefit from our encouragement and our support.

This week I encourage our large and ever-growing Ripples community to embrace opportunities to serve and support those who are engaged in the continuous struggle towards justice and peace for all.

P.S. Last week’s issue, on Vicarious Joy stated there wasn’t a direct English equivalent of Mudita. I was wrong! Several clever readers shared with me a word I hadn’t previously heard: compersion.

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