Ripples #1173: Scurry the Worry


My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.
-Newt Scamander, shared by Jacob in San Luis Obispo, CA


I’m learning not to allow worry to take over me, while honoring that I have fears. As a human, it’s natural for me to be afraid of things sometimes. It’s okay for me to lean in and find out where my fears are coming from. It’s also natural to worry sometimes, but I’m committed to removing the power that worry has over me.
-Yasmine Cheyenne, shared by Diane in Appleton, WI via Team Ripples


I worry about stuff. A lot. I worry so much that I even worry about how much I worry. And now I’m worrying about how much I worry about my worries. Gah!

Worrying evolved for a good reason: it is useful for us humans to consider and plan for potential dangers that lie ahead. The problem is that technology allows us to instantly and constantly be aware of all that’s going on and all that’s going wrong and even what might start going wrong tomorrow.

While there aren’t easy solutions to all the problems that are swirling about, it is important remember that too much worry can overwhelm our thoughts and emotions, and eventually freezes up our ability to take action.

I stumbled upon a useful acronym a few weeks ago that has helped me scurry some of my worries: STOPP: Stop, Take a breath, Observe your thoughts, Pull back for perspective, Proceed by practicing what works (

It doesn’t completely eliminate all the worry, nor does it instantly fix the problems that are causing me to worry. Still, it helps prevent the feelings of overwhelm that get in the way of bringing my best available self to doing what I can. I’m increasingly able to set aside the rest for tomorrow, when I’ll have a fresh batch of time, energy, and passion.

Experiment this week to see if STOPP might help you scurry your worry, or at least keep it in check.



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