Ripples #1154: Relaxation

Ripples #1154: Relaxation
July 5, 2021


Sometimes you need to step off the worn path, lay down with your eyes up to the blue sky, interlock your fingers behind your head and let the grass grow up around you.
-Leo Christopher, shared by Pablo in Ft. Myers, FL


You are not a machine. you are more like a garden. You need different things on different days. A little sun today, a little less water tomorrow. You have fallow and fruitful seasons. It is not a design flaw. It is wiser than perpetual sameness. What does your garden need today?
-Joy Clarkson, @joynessthebrave, shared by Diane in Appleton, WI


How are you doing, my friend? Have you been carving out time for opportunities to pause, catch your breath, and relax a bit?

If so: OOH, YAY! This means you’ve recognized the importance of exercising your self care muscles. I hope you find the time enjoyable and restorative.

If not: well, I’ll still exclaim OOH, YAY! but for a different reason. I’m excited that you have an opportunity to either remind yourself or teach yourself about the importance of recovery time. It turns out we humans have quite a bit of tenacity, and we can go, go, GO…far beyond our normal limitations and boundaries…for a while and at a cost. Eventually, EVENTUALLY, we need to recover, reset, refocus.

I know I need some down time, so I’ve spent the last few weeks tying up some loose ends on various spring projects, and also touching base with clients and partners regarding our upcoming fall projects. Starting today I’ll be mostly offline as I do some resting and reading and hiking and dreaming. I promise to be back soon, and until then I have a handful of Ripples all queued up and ready to send out every Monday while I’m tending to my inner garden.



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