Ripples #1137: Presence


Stress x Resistance = Suffering
Stress x Presence = Growth, Evolution
-Tara Brach, shared by Cindy in California


By becoming settled and comfortable in the seat of the observer through the day, you establish Presence in your life.
Molly Triplett, shared by Isaac in Sedona, AZ, via Everyday Mindfulness


It is okay to be dissatisfied with stuff that is going on in your life, and it is natural to wish things could be different than they are right now. If we’re not careful, however, we can get tripped up by the double dangers of dissatisfaction:

DANGER OF DENIAL: we can’t really begin to change our current circumstances until we recognize and accept the reality of the current situation. Lingering too long in the “wishing things were different” space can keep us trapped in a state of denial and/or delusion.

DANGER OF DELAY: the longer we are stuck in wishing mode, the longer it will take for us to beginning planning and executing a transition to something better.

Each time we pivot from being an unhappy wisher of what could be to a curious witness of what is, we gain clarity and creativity that helps us identifying problems and seeking potential solutions.

Of course there’s more to improving our lives and the world than simply being present, but it is an important first step. So let’s keep our eyes, our ears, and our hearts open and alert this week, and may our presence be a present to ourselves and every soul we encounter.


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