Ripples #1114: Cofounding Life

Ripples #1114: Cofounding Life
Sep 28, 2020


Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often.
-Susan Statham, shared by Eric at Oakland University, MI


Realize that you are not a mere guardian or administrator of your life, but your own co-founder, CEO and Chief Executive Creator. Nobody, nothing owns you anymore.
-Andrea Balt, @projecthappiness_org shared by Daphne in St. Joseph, MO


One of my favorite things about assembling these weekly splashes of inspiration is the pairing of the two quotes that become the




. The pairing determines the theme for the week, which then guides the direction of the ponder. I love that these two quotes just happened to end up right next to each other on my trusty list of magnificent quotes submitted by our magnificent readers.*

I don’t think these quotes are suggesting that we have complete control of our lives (cuz we don’t). I also don’t think we’re supposed to be striving to create a perfect life (cuz we can’t). Instead, I think they invite us to optimize our effectiveness and enjoyment of life by bringing leadership, creativity, and mindfulness as we plan and live our lives.

What might happen if this week you focused less on the aspects of your life that are beyond your immediate influence, and instead pivoted towards the things you can edit, delete, or maybe even copy and paste?

*P.S. I’m rarely able to personally acknowledge the many quote submissions that come in each week, but please know that even though I only use around 100 quotes a year, it is so helpful to have a few thousand quotes to choose from. So when you find a quote that really grabs you, keep in mind there is a SUBMIT button in each issue that takes you to a simple form to share it with me in a way that helps me manage the flow. #QuotesRock #YouRockToo

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