eRipples v4.43: Ripples of SURPRISES!


Smile awhile and while you smile another smiles.
And soon there’s miles and miles of smiles,
and life’s worthwhile because you smiled!
-source unknown, submitted by Shaylee P., Ogden, Utah


One thing I’ve learned:
Unexpected kindness
is the most powerful,
least costly and
most underrated
agent of human change.
Kindness that catches us by surprise
brings out the best in our natures.
-Bob Kerrey, submitted by Katherine B., Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin


Here is your mission this week: surprise someone with unexpected kindness this week.
Choose someone you know, or a select a complete stranger, and buy them lunch or a
flower or a card or create another way to ripple kindness. Do it QUICKLY, before your
week gets too crazy.

It will make their day, and it could make your week!


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