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It is this unique combination of going for it
and letting go that takes us beyond success.
-Thomas Crum, submitted by Darin H., Madison, Wisconsin


A sense of accomplishment.

It comes from reaching your goals,
but it comes, too, from the effort itself,
no matter how large or small a step you take.

Because true pride comes simply from trying.
It is the landing you reach,
the deep breath you take,
the great personal joy in knowing
how far you’ve come.
– source unknown, submitted by Tawana H., Appleton, Wisconsin


In the past week or so, there has been something brewing on your
“to-do” list or in the back of your mind. Some goal you have set or
dream you’ve had or opportunity that you have not yet pursued. You
have been hesitating, doubting, worrying, contemplating. Well, this
week you should make a decision:

Do you need to GO FOR IT or do you need to LET IT GO? Either way, I
encourage you to think about it, consider how you’re feeling, and
then do what you need to do!

My peace to you,

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