eRipples v4.37: Ripples of LEADERS!


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I suppose leadership at one time meant muscle;
but today it means getting along with people.
-Indira Ghandi, submitted by Mike C., Austin Texas


If your actions create a legacy
that inspires others to dream more,
learn more,
do more, and
become more,
then you are an excellent leader.
-Dolly Parton, submitted by Grace H., Binghamton, NY


The Ripples Project has incredible leadership: YOU!

All of us who are a part of The Ripples Project are leaders! Each of
the 7,000+ members is capable of demonstrating the magnificent power
in small kind acts. If you believe that the news is filled with
blech and that peace is more powerful than fighting, do something
revolutionary: unleash unexpected kindness this week! Let someone
with a few items get in front of you in the grocery store line;
report good customer service to a manager; or simply smile and nod at
someone you pass who seems to be having a bad day. Not only will you
make the world a better place to live, your day will be instantly


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