eRipples v4.32: Ripples of WELCOME!


How rare and wonderful is that flash of a moment
when we realize we have discovered a friend.
-William Rotsler, submitted by Amanda K., River Falls WI


The world passes through me,
as I pass through the world.
And so,
as I complete my travels
around the world,
so the world completes its travels
through me.
-written & submitted by: Leslie M., Madison WI
[originally appeared in Ripples v1.46, 11/29/99]


Welcome Leslie!

Just a few months after eRipples began production back in 1999, a
colleague forwarded an issue to Leslie Marquette who liked it enough
to subscribe. Since then she has been a loyal reader whose
submissions have been included in a couple of issues (including the
one above which she wrote herself!).

I am introducing you to Leslie because she has become The Ripples
Project’s first employee! In addition to sending out orders from our
online store, Leslie will be coordinating product and services
development as TRP (The Ripples Project) seeks new ways to create and
reward small waves of kindness.

Leslie lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband and two children.
She likes to think of herself as a Bohemian Matriarch …. Mary
Poppins with a twist. She has studied Marketing, Accounting,
Voice, Juggling, and continues as a student of Middle Eastern Dance.
She brings with her a rich tapestry of experience, and is looking
forward to serving The Ripples Project and its’ members in furthering
our mission to spread kindness. [Leslie dedicates her work with The
Ripples Project to her mother, Diane Marquette.]

The best way you can welcome Leslie is by placing an order today,
so we can afford to keep her around for a long time!


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