eRipples v4.16: Ripples of TREASURES!


Life is a treasure hunt – love is the treasure.
-source unknown, submitted by Larissa M <>


I wish that life
not be cheap,
but sacred;

I wish the day
to be as centuries,
-Ralph Waldo Emerson, submitted by Sara M. <>


In between visits to Indiana University-Bloomington (just about the
coolest group of support staff I’ve spent time with!), and a
fantastic day with the Indiana School Food Service Association, I
have spent some time reading through the dozens of responses to last
week’s request for feedback about eRipples. While some of you had
some really neat suggestions for improvement (which we will be
exploring over the next few months), over 100 of you said “I like
ripples just the way it is.” The emails from so many people who
took time from their busy week created a treasure chest of kindness I
will enjoy for several more weeks as I sift through them!

Beyond those 140 people, hundreds more have passed eRipples on to
others, submitted quotes and/or ordered treats from our online store.
Even those of you who simply take a moment from your crazy day to
treat yourself with this splash of kindness are creating a tiny
treasure that continues the ripples!

Peace and treasures to you,

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