eRipples v4.08: Ripples of CHALLENGES!


Life will bring you pain all by itself.
 Your responsibility is to create joy.
-Milton Erickson, submitted by Sally


Every search begins
with beginner’s luck.
And every search ends
with the victor’s being severely tested.
-Paulo Coelho, submitted by Carol


This week I had the pleasure of visiting North Carolina (home of the
amazing Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!) to speak at an awesome leadership
conference hosted by East Carolina University. In a workshop on
motivation, we discussed the importance of seeking the right amount
of challenge when trying to motivate ourselves or others. If we are
not challenged enough, we get bored and lazy and our productivity
suffers. On the other hand, if we are facing too many challenges we
often become overwhelmed. It turns out we are not very successful
when we are either bored OR burned out!

The ideal state of motivation comes when we have enough challenges to
keep us on our toes, but not so much that we feel fried. If you have
been in a funk lately or if you are simply hoping to become more
motivated, try assessing your balance and see if you need a bit MORE
challenge (read a book, write an article, join a different group,
volunteer) or perhaps LESS challenge (drop some things from your
crazy schedule, take a long walk, listen to some relaxing music) and
see if striking the right balance might help light your fire!

I send you Peace,


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