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eRipples v3.39: Ripples of WE!


We are being hurt by the myth that leadership is something reserved for a
few charismatic men and women.
 In fact, leadership is everyone’s business.
-Tom Peters, submitted by Ron in Madison, WI


Our lives, at times, seem a study in contrasts…
love and hate, birth and death, right and wrong…
everything seen in the absolutes of black and white.
Too often we are not aware that it is
the shades of grey
that add depth and meaning
to the starkness of those extremes.
-Ansel Adams, submitted by Ashlee


I spent time this week at both Centralia College (near Seattle,
Washington) and Western Illinois University (near, er, not really near
anything!) at leadership conferences. During lunch at WIU, I was eating
with a group of participants who were posed this question: “How do you
define a leader?” As I listened to their diverse and thoughtful responses I
found myself struggling to compose a definition myself. I decided in the
moment that a leader’s role is to bring together a group of people to
achieve a common goal.

It seems the U.S. has come together in a strong way over the past few
weeks to form a team. A growing concern is that our country has become
a “We” only because we are united against a “They.” While I have certainly
been impressed with our ability to unite in the face of crisis, it concerns
me that we have demonized a “They” which is escalating the same kind of
dangerous hatred that culminated in the events of September 11. Here is
a challenge for our leaders: please help us find a way to come together
as a “We” without creating a “They!”


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