eRipples v3.36: Ripples of SUCCEEDING!

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eRipples v3.36: Ripples of SUCCEEDING!


Eventually you learn that the competition
is against the little voice inside you that wants to quit.
-George Sheehan, submitted by Brian Hughes


Success is the feeling you get when you know
You did something so special, you were the star of your show.
Its a fire that crackles and feels like it glows.
You get all excited right down through your toes.
It makes you so peppy, you can hardly sit still.
Your mind dances around you from ridges to rill.
You speak with conviction you believe in yourself.
You say what you’re thinking, you jump off your shelf.
The people you meet stay on just to listen.
They stay all around you to learn how to glisten.
And later that day when you are alone
you find that you’re smiling right through to the bone.
For success is the service, turned into esteem.
You did something for others, your lamp’s on high beam.
You look on ahead not frightened or shy.
You can see more good coming, you know by and by.
That you’ve got what it takes to build on the past,
remembering highlights and memories that last.
Putting others out front, you turn inside out.
You feel what they’re feeling. Their praises you shout.
You wrap it in presents, and still you get more.
You draw it in pictures, it comes in the door.
You keep on giving it and giving it away.
But success keeps on coming, and it stays
and it stays and it stays.
-Janie Jasin, submitted by Barbara Dorzweiler


I wrapped up another round of travels this week with a quick trip to
Parkersburg, West Virginia to help the Wood County Schools’ Food
Service crew kick off their year, and a brief stop at the University of
Wisconsin – Superior for their new student orientation. My task at both
places was to help the participants create a year of success, and I
reminded them that it is important to remember that even though we face
many EXTERNAL obstacles along the path, it is our INTERNAL resources
that can help us find that success!

As our summers wrap up and we head into another autumn, I hope you
can reach INSIDE and discover some awesome resources that will help
YOU succeed!


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