eRipples v3.32: Ripples of OPTIMISM!

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eRipples v3.32: Ripples of OPTIMISM!


Spare me the grim litany of the “realist,”
give me the unrealistic aspirations of the optimist any day.
-Colin Powell, submitted by Vicki Verhasselt


A pessimist
is one who makes
difficulties of opportunities
and an optimist
is one who makes
opportunities of difficulties.
-Harry Truman, submitted by Bev Petska


Here is my take on why pessimism is more popular and more prevalent
than optimism: in the short term it is EASIER to be pessimistic. There
are dozen of ways how something might NOT work out while there are
only a few ways that it WILL work. When pondering what could go wrong,
your mind swarms with possibilities…but then dries up when considering
what could go right. Ask a group why a certain option is a bad idea and
they can brainstorm for an hour, but ask them why it is a good idea and
often the ideas trickle only for a few minutes before complete silence sets

In the long term, however, optimism triumphs over pessimism. Over time,
people who develop the skill of seeing the extraordinary possibilities, who
believe in the wild notions of success, who dare to imagine overcoming
tremendous obstacles, eventually train their bodies, minds, and spirits to
accept the challenges. And they very often WIN! And even when they don’t
make it all the way, their journey is so much more adventurous and worth

I dare you to spend the extra effort this week seeing the positive side,
exploring the possibilities, and seeking the way it CAN work.


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