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Monday, May 14, 2001


There is no one I cannot teach something to,
and no one I cannot learn something from.
-original source unknown, submitted by


We could learn a lot from crayons:
some are sharp,
some are pretty,
some are dull,
some have weird names,
and all are different colors…
but they all have to learn how to live in the same box…
-original source unknown, submitted by Bridget Kesner


It is always a treat to color in a new state on my “places I’ve been”
map, so I was excited to accept an invitation to address the Utah
Leadership Academy which was held last week in Ogden, Utah. The
mountains were magnificent, the Great Salt Lake was serene, and the
leaders I spent time with were among the most engaging I have ever

I was also intrigued with the cultural climate and found myself
surprisingly nervous about the potential “values conflicts” I might
encounter. After all, I live in progressive Madison, Wisconsin and
imagined the more conservative flavor of Utah with its rich Mormon
history might be intimidating.

Fear tends to be rooted in a basic fear of the unknown; it took me
only a few minutes to discover that the conference participants had
much in common with my own value system. We had differences, of
course, and those differences fueled discussions that challenged us
to re-think some of our perceptions! In the end, it was our common
passion for helping others that allowed us to teach together, learn
together, and laugh together!

I’ll have to find a special color for Utah so I can remember the
amazing scenery and my awesome new friends!

On another note, we are gearing up for a series of BIG CHANGES for
eRipples! My trusted website designer and technology wizard is
creating an expanded home for The Ripples Project which will include
the archives of eRipples as well as a new store where you can
purchase notecards, posters, and Ripples Cards! We are anticipating
a smooth transition, but we’re also counting on your patience as we
iron out the inevitable bumps in the road!


Paul Wesselmann

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