eRipples v2.46: Ripples of POTENTIAL

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version 2.46 [Monday, November 13, 2000]

HELP! I need 2 things:
1. your best Thanksgiving-related quotes for next week’s issue
2. your input as I create a list of inspirational magazines. Do you
subscribe to something that helps keep you fired up? Let me know the
name of the magazine, and I’ll send everyone who submits a list of
all the titles that are suggested. Thanks! -ptw


You’re braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seem, and
Smarter than you think.
-Christopher Robin, submitted to eRipples by
Zackary Martin


We are born into the world like a blank canvas.
And each person that crosses our path
takes up the brush and
makes their mark upon our surface.
So it is that we develop.

But we must realize,
there comes a day that
we must take up the brush
and finish the work.

For only we can determine
if we are to be just another painting
or a masterpiece.
-original source unknown, submitted to eRipples by
Leslie Shuler


Do you have any idea how much possibility that is wrapped up inside
of you? Some say we are like a piece of fruit with many seeds of
possibilities. I believe we are much more like a seed with orchards
of potential waiting patiently for permission to take root and GROW!

I hope you’ll take just a moment this week to think about how MUCH
you have inside of you!


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