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version 2.43 [Monday, October 23, 2000]


Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.
-Edwin Hubbel Chapin, submitted to eRipples by Jeana M Jacobson


A sparrow lay in the middle of the road, her skinny legs sticking up
in the air.

Her companion flew over to see what was the matter.
“Whatever are you doing?” he asked.
The first sparrow replied, “I heard that the sky will fall today
and I am doing my part to help hold it up.”

“Silly bird!” exclaimed the second sparrow.
“How could your puny little legs keep the sky from collapsing?”

“One does what one can,”
chirped the little sparrow.
“One does what one can.”
-original source unknown, submitted to eRipples by Cathy Pabst


We don’t need you to change the world.
We don’t need you to work yourself out of a life.
We don’t need you to suffer endlessly as you toil in fields of
paperwork and meaningless routines.

We do need you, though, we do need you. It is your destiny to
contribute to the wholeness of life by listening for a quiet whisper
that will suggest to you a tiny but essential task that, if done with
every fiber of passion within your soul, will contribute to the
healing of us all.


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