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version 2.34 [Monday, August 21, 2000]


“Stressed” spelled backwards is “Desserts!”
-original source unknown, submitted by Pam Su


Jack, bad things happen to good people for a reason.
This could be a defining moment in your life
and you have the chance to become one
of two types of people in this world:
A person who uses this as a crutch
or a person who grows stronger in spite of this.
-Karen L. Marsh, submitted by her son, Jack Marsh


This weekend brought the opportunity to spend some time in Sarasota,
Florida with the staff and volunteers who help make the “USA Tennis
Pathways Programs” a success in Florida. Among other topics, we explored
the value of seeing the positive sides of the “yucky stuff” that inevitably
happens in our lives.

At the end of the presentation I was rushing out to catch a flight and of
course the only draw bridge I had to cross had to be “up” as I approached.
I was so frustrated to be stuck on a gorgeous waterway on the Gulf of
Mexico in the middle of a beautiful sunny day; I mean REALLY could things
get any more inconvenient? This delay was going to mean less time sitting
in the airport before departing for a 6 hour journey to California in the
cramped quarters of an airplane that was made for 100 people and seats 200.
Get it? I did too, luckily, and transformed the moment into a last chance
to marvel at the white sand and sparkling blue water.

So tell me friend, what draw bridge is helping YOU see the sunshine?


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