eRipples v2.09: Ripples of LEAPING!

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version 2.09 [Monday, February 28, 2000]
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Calling all children hiding out in grown-up bodies
who long to be joyful, funful, freeful.
Come out, come out, wherever you are
and play in the now-sun of your life.
original source: Rusty Berkus
submitted by: Bridget Kesner


I went to Applebee’s today with a friend. After ordering, one of the
waitresses came up to me and asked if I went to Wal-Mart earlier this week.
I thought about saying that I am there more often than some of the

She reminded me that on Sunday, she was in front of me in line at Wal-Mart.
As she counted the amount of money for the total, she was fifteen cents
short. She told the cashier that she would have to run out to her car. I
offered her the change. She thanked me generously and went on her way.

The waitress handed me the fifteen cents and proceeded to tell me thank you
again. It made my heart skip a beat that someone would find it important to
repay the small amount. As we chatted, it turns out she new where I
worked. It IS a small world! It only took a dime and a nickel to make her
day on Sunday, and it created a spark in mine on Wednesday.
submitted by: Maryah Miller [edited for length]


Our development of The Ripples Project creates some confusion with folks
who know this newsletter as “Ripples,” so starting this week we are going
to call this “eRipples” which will help us distinguish these electronic
splashes of inspiration from the other ideas we’re developing.

More examples of “Ripples” keep trickling in-I hope that keeps up. We
are hoping to assemble a fabulous collection of simple but powerful
anecdotes of how goodness put out into the world often comes back in
unexpected ways. We need YOUR story too!

Happy Leaping!


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