Ripples #808: Light & Heavy!

Ripples #808: Light & Heavy!


If people never did silly things,
nothing intelligent would ever get done.
-Ludwig Wittgenstein


I always try to balance
the light with the heavy:
a few tears of human spirit
in with the sequins and the fringes.
-Bette Midler, shared by Sharon in Madison, WI


As we inch closer to the holidays, you may be starting to prepare for the unique combination of “light & heavy” that this time of year often brings. There’s the joy of holiday spirit with all the good food and good times AND for many it is also crunch time to wrap up the academic semester or fiscal year.

I think the trick to maintaining sanity around this time of year is to seek your particular balance of light and heavy. Remember that humor is a great stress management tool and being goofy can help cut the tension during a long work meeting, a study session, or even holiday events that sometimes get stressful. Do what you can to take deep breaths, play hard, and work hard (and then play hard some more!). And remember to cut some extra slack for yourself and others during this time of year.

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