Ripples #795: Astonishing Light.

By August 18, 2014December 2nd, 2014Ripples
Ripples #795: Astonishing Light.
A splash of inspiration
from The Ripples Guy
18 August 2014

I wish I could show you
when you are lonely or in the darkness,
the astonishing light of your own being.

We are each gifted
in a unique and important way.
It is our privilege and our adventure
to discover our own special light.
-Mary Dunbar

Sometimes we know how amazing we are.
Most of the time, however, we don't.

There are moments when we catch a glimpse of our gifts and recognize the 
contributions we make at home, for our friends, in our job, and throughout 
the community.  Unfortunately, there are many other times that things 
aren't going well and we feel depleted and defeated and believe that our 
light burns too dimly to be useful or even noticed.

I don't think it is possible, or even necessary, to recognize our 
awesomeness every single moment of every single day.  My wish for you today 
is that you experience multiple moments of awareness and appreciation for 
just how bright your light shines.  If you're struggling with this, make an 
effort to recognize and acknowledge the light of others by authentically 
expressing your gratitude to those around you for even the smallest 
actions.  You'll see the light, I'm sure of it.

((( The Ripples Guy )))

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