#780: The Business of Life!

Ripples #780: The Business of Life!
For our tribe of busy people who
unleash Ripples of compassion & kindness: uROCK!
4 May 2014


The business of life
is the acquisition of memories.
In the end that’s all there is.
-Mr. Carson (Downton Abbey), shared by Jean in Salt Lake City, UT


It is essential
to our well-being
and to our lives
that we play
and enjoy life.
Every single day
do something that
makes your heart sing.
-Marcia Wieder, shared by Pete in San Luis Obispo, CA


While I savor a few days of hiking and relaxing in a magical hamlet in Central California called San Luis Obispo, I hope you can carve out some time in your hectic life for an activity that makes your heart sing.  Chatting with a friend, solo-time in nature or a coffee shop, or perhaps re-visiting a hobby that will revive fond memories.  Think about it, plan it, do it!

Oh, and over 200 of you shared some magnificent quotes so THANK YOU for refreshing the quote pond!  We’ll be creating memories for many years to come!


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