Ripples v8.19: Ripples of NOTICING JOY!

Ripples v8.19: Ripples of NOTICING JOY!
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Joy is not in things; it is in us.
-Richard Wagner, submitted by Tina O., Northridge CA


We may miss a great deal of joy
because we expect it to be
unusual, dramatic, and spectacular.
We are waiting for lights to flash and bells to ring.
But the truth is that joy is here,
right now,
waiting for us to notice it.
-Veronica Ray, submitted by Pat J., Waukesha WI


Okay, I’ll admit it: I AM a fan of the “unusual, dramatic and spectacular” joy mentioned in today’s boulder. For those of you who have seen me jump around a training room or auditorium, it will not come as any big surprise that flashing lights and ringing bells are both a part of my personality. In addition to enjoying the huge, loud, bright joy, I also strive to cultivate an appreciation for the quiet whispers that joy deposits much more frequently than the crazy big stuff. Spring is a great time to practice because there are so many little pockets of joy to experience in flowering apple trees, exploding lilac bushes, and the exuberant twitterings of all kinds of birds. Even a simple warm breeze is a nice treat for those of us living in northern parts where the month of May tempts us with spring while gently reminding us that chilly nights and gloomy cold rains can still visit for a few more weeks.

My challenge for you right now is to stop, look around, and find ONE thing that holds some quiet joy for you to experience. It could be a photo or memento that has been sitting on your desk so long it has faded into the background, or possibly an email in your in box from a trusted friend that you have been taking for granted. It may be a quick peek out the window or even a jog down memory lane to re-visit a recent moment of simple joy in the past few days. Do it. Now. And then jump back in to your crazy life!


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