Ripples v7.11: Ripples of SLOWING DOWN!

Ripples v7.11: Ripples of SLOWING DOWN!
Monday, March 14, 2005
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Slow down and everything you are chasing
will come around and catch you.
-John De Paola, submitted by Pat J., Wauwatosa WI


For fast acting relief, try slowing down.
Simply put, take a few minutes daily
to ponder what is worthwhile about living.

Stop whirling about like a pinwheel
long enough to come to a rest
and consider your next action.

Just what is it you want to do?
What do you need for the sake of your soul?
-Luci Swindoll, submitted by Julie G., New Richmond WI


This week included a quick trip south to Orlando to help out with CUNA Mutual Group’s National Staff Summit. When I arrived at the hotel, I was delighted to bump into a good friend of mine who was also scheduled to present. The stars had aligned just right, as we were both presenting all morning and then had the afternoon off. After we wrapped up our presentations and stashed our stuff, we escaped the hotel for a mini-adventure and discovered a quiet spot for a relaxing lunch and chat. Then, after a leisurely drive, we spotted an ice cream stand that was shaped like, what else, an ice cream cone! The treat was a perfect way to end our outing.

The food was yummy, and of course the company was delightful. The magic, however, was not where we went or what we talked about; I believe the act of slowly meandering through the afternoon without a deadline or destination was among the most powerful relaxation exercises I’ve ever attempted!

We live in a world that values fast and furious, while our souls crave slow and steady. I urge you to take an hour (or perhaps even a WHOLE DAY!) this week to s-l-o-w—d-o-w-n and see what extraordinary things may happen. Get away from your phone, email, TV, etc., and just ahhhhhh.

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