Ripples v6.36: Ripples of NOT KNOWING!

Ripples v6.36: Ripples of NOT KNOWING!
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When the most important things in our life happen
we quite often do not know, at the moment,
what is going on.
-C. S. Lewis, submitted by Debbie T.


Be brave enough to live creatively.

The creative is the place
where no one else has ever been.
You have to leave the city of your comfort
and go into the wilderness of your intuition.

You cannot get there by bus,
only by hard work, risking and
by not quite knowing what you are doing.

What you will discover will be wonderful;
what you will discover will be yourself.
-Alan Alda, submitted by Larissa M., Chicago, IL


This week, we welcome some new credit union marketing folks from
around Wisconsin, as well as student leaders from Portland State
University. The topics I explored with these groups was very
different, but the focus was similar: trying new things is sometimes
scary, often uncomfortable, and always worth it! The quotes above
both mention “not knowing”–an unsettling prospect for many of us
control-obsessed overachievers, eh?

Our goal this week: strike out into the unknown–try something new,
take a risk, pursue an opportunity–even if you don’t know quite
where it will lead you!

p.s. If you have enjoyed reading Ripples, imagine what it would be
like to have a follow up conversation with other “Ripply” folks each
week. A forum to share what actions you’ve taken, to ask questions,
or to seek creative solutions to your challenges…..all of this is
coming soon!

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