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Dare to be remarkable.
-Jane Gentry, submitted by Elizabeth R., Portland, Oregon


The potential of the average person
is like a huge ocean unsailed,
a new continent unexplored,
a world of possibilities waiting to be released
and channeled toward some great good.
-Brian Tracy, submitted by Cythia P.


Please allow me to introduce our new Kindness Coordinator, Marijane Curry! Marijane is a longtime resident of Madison and spent 30 years at Kraft Foods (most recently in “Lunchables” product development), as well as a few part time jobs to satisfy her thirst for new experiences. I asked her to share a bit about her adventures in life: “I am a former 60’s hippy and participated in the anti-Vietnam
war and civil rights movements. When I married Sherman we could not rent in certain sections of Madison because he was black. I have a daughter who is a dancer, an opera singer and a poet. I love
horticulture, hiking, music and internet surfing. I basically believe that all people are good and we just need to understand and appreciate the differences and go forward to help change the world. I am looking forward to the Kindness Coordinator position as a great way to connect to all sorts of people and give them that moment of sunshine in a sometimes cloudy day.” Cool lady, eh? We are so glad to have her aboard!


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