Ripples v5.35: Ripples of SWIMMING OUT TO IT!



If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.
-Jonathan Winters, submitted by Judith G.


How we define success is important in shaping our lives. So, how should we define
success? Success is generally defined in terms of achievement, fame, recognition,
material possessions, and wealth. In a word: outcome.

Significance on the other hand, while less tangible, concerns the process. Significance is
importance, meaning, essence, relevance, and value.

Success drives us by a desire for tangible things; significance guides us by a desire for
something greater than just what is tangible.
-Larry S. Julian, submitted by Steve F.


This weekend here in Madison we hosted an Ironman Triathlon where almost 2000
athletes decided it would be a good idea to jump in Lake Monona at 7am on a Sunday
morning and swim 2.4 miles and THEN jump on a bike and ride 112 miles and THEN
jump off the bike and run a full marathon of 26.2 miles. Our friend Eric was excited to
participate (despite my observation that it would be much easier to simply DRIVE the
route), and until I observed the race I assumed that the participants’ primary motivation
was the competition. Once I arrived at the event, however, it was obvious: the vast
majority of the athletes seemed much more focus on testing their limits and expanding
their potential than on how fast they finished or who won.

I don’t plan on doing an Ironman anytime soon, but perhaps Eric and his compadres can
inspire us all to view our upcoming week as a challenge that we can conquer with sheer


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