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He who stops completely before taking the next step will spend a
lifetime standing on one leg.
Chinese Proverb, submitted by from Virginia M., Lincoln, Nebraska


I’ve always been fascinated by the Japanese carp, otherwise known as
the koi. It’s a fish with seemingly unlimited growth potential. If
you put the koi in a small fish bowl, it will only grow to be two or
three inches long. In a larger tank or a small pond, it will reach
six to ten inches. A bigger pond, and it gets to be a foot and a
half. But, if the koi is placed in a large lake, where it can really
stretch out, it can grow up to three feet long. The size of the fish
is proportional to the size of its home.  Well, it works that way with
people too. We grow according to the size of our world.
Not physically, of course, but mentally.
-Harvey Mackay, submitted by Patricia W.


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