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It is easier to act your way into a new way of thinking,
then to think your way into a new way of acting.
-Lance Dublin, submitted by Pat R.


I care not
what others think of what I do,
but I care very much
about what I think of what I do.
That is character!
-Theodore Roosevelt, submitted by Marti W.


This week created opportunities for me to hang out with some high
school students here in Wisconsin, first way up north in Rhinelander
and then on Friday in Waukesha. In both presentations I challenged
the participants to commit to DOING what they dreamed about.
Dreaming is a powerful first step in the goal setting process, and a
very necessary step. Dreaming alone, however, does not accomplish
those goals. And thinking about doing something does not get
something done. Getting STARTED does move you closer to getting
something accomplished!

QUICK ACTION: Choose a specific goal you have been putting off and
decide that this week, even TODAY, you are going to move on it, take
take action.

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