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All things at first appear difficult.
-Chinese Proverb, submitted by Roberta B., Eden, UT


I’ve read that I flew up the hills
and mountains of France.
But you don’t fly up a hill.
You struggle slowly and painfully up a hill,
and maybe, if you work very hard,
you get to the top ahead of everybody else.
-Lance Armstrong, submitted by Ezra A., Land O’Lakes, W


I journeyed this week to Nashville, Tennesse to spend a day with a
crew from TDS Telecom (and squeezed in lunch with my good friend
Alana!). We talked about the existence of good days, and the
inevitability of bad days. We will have many of each kind in the
time line of our lives and the trick is to get through the “poopy
days” (that is the technical term for bad days) by remembering that
they are only a temporary experience. As my grandma used to say to
me “This too shall pass, Paulie, this too shall pass.” So whatever
difficulties face you this week, just imagine Lance Armstrong and my
grandma cheering you on!


editor, Ripples

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