Ripples v11.40: Poopy Days!

Ripples v11.40: Poopy Days!
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Monday, October 12, 2009


Use your poopy today as fertilizer for a better tomorrow.
-written and submitted by Debbie S., Kohler WI



There are some days when no matter what I say it feels like I’m far away in another country & whoever is doing the translating has had far too much to drink., submitted by Kelly L., Philadelphia PA (via her daughter Erin’s blog)


On Friday as I prepared to head to the airport for my weekend adventures in Moscow, Idaho, I tweaked my back (and I can still hear my physical therapist gently reminding me that if I had stuck to my back exercises this likely would not have happened–I know, I know!!). I was in for a poopy Friday: a long day of travel via airplane and rental car with a fair amount of pain. And I was worried it would mean a poopy Saturday, when I was supposed to be enthusiastic and inspiring through several presentations at a leadership conference.

It turns out that a good night’s sleep, a hot tub soak, some ibuprofen and an infusion of energy from students and staff at the University of Idaho was all I needed to transform a potentially poopy day into an exciting adventure (with much gratitude to Denise, Mitch, & Tricia who ensured I didn’t need to carry or lift anything heavy during my visit).

If you are experiencing a poopy day (or poopy week, month, etc.), I trust you will seek the right combination of external support and internal strength so you can eventually pick yourself up, dust yourself off and create something magical for yourself and/or others.


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