Ripples v11.17: Life Long Learning!

Ripples v11.17: Life Long Learning!
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Monday, April 29, 2009


Life is a succession of lessons
which must be lived to be understood.
-Helen Keller, submitted by Nikki B., Madison WI



Success is not about perfection:
but, it is about commitment
and life-long learning.
If you stray from the path,
you get to choose to come back to it.
You get to discover what got in the way,
who you are, and what’s important to you;
and, best of all, you get to feel the fulfillment
that comes from creating your life
based on your highest values.
-source unknown, submitted by Carla L., Greencastle IN


What lessons will you learn this week?

What could happen if you took a few deep breaths and reminded yourself that you are a student in life, in work, in school, in each relationship you have–in every aspect of your life. Might you approach the tasks, projects, or people differently?

Why not try it and see? What have you got to learn?

Oh, and I’m attaching a smile from our collection; check out the rest at and donate a smile if you have time this week.


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