Ripples v11.07: Overrated Normalcy!

Ripples v11.07: Overrated Normalcy!
The Ripples Project is a tribe of 21,753
who believe tiny actions create big possibilities
1999-2009: 10 years of Ripples!


Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.
-source unknown, submitted by Mia Su C., Greensboro NC



My darling girl,
when are you going to understand
that normalcy is not necessarily a virtue,
it rather denotes a lack of courage.
-from the movie “Practical Magic,” submitted by Kayla G., Los Angeles CA



You have permission this week to be your abnormal self. Find the courage to be goofy or strange or silly or bizarre. You might freak some people out, but others will welcome the opportunity to remove their own “normal” masks and join you in being REAL!

p.s. One of our original Ripplers, Charlene G., proposed an interesting acronym as a possible strategy for helping people quickly understand what RIPPLES is all about: Real Individuals Positively Proving Love Empowers – Super! Very cool, Charlene!

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