Ripples v11.02: Live Steam!

Ripples v11.02: Live Steam!
The Ripples Project is a tribe of 21,571
who believe tiny actions create big possibilities
1999-2009: Happy 10th Anniversary, Ripplers!


Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has an idea.
It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off,
and does something about it who makes a difference.
-Nolan Bushnell, submitted by Linda H., Lincoln NE



There is an infinite distance
between the wishers and the doers.
A mere desire is lukewarm water,
which will never take a train to its destination;
the purpose must boil,
must be made into live steam to do the work.
-Orison Sweet Marden, submitted by Linn W., Milwaukee WI



Has an idea or dream bubbled up recently? Or perhaps you have had one simmering for some time? Please don’t let it simply evaporate. Your mission this week, and you better choose to accept it, is to grab that Idea and experiment, share, discuss, prepare, and then use the energy of that LIVE STEAM to move forward!


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