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Character is much easier kept than recovered.
original source: Thomas Paine
submitted by Cathie Marty


Others determine your reputation.
YOU determine your character.
Character is made by what you stand for,
Reputation by what you fall for.
Character is one of those qualities that takes time to develop.
It is easier to change your behavior in advance
than to change your reputation afterward.”
original source unknown
submitted by: Manny LapMan Woo


Stone Soup kept me busy this week with some leadership training in Green
Bay, Wisconsin (where EVERYTHING is Packer Green!) and Cincinnati, Ohio.
During both trips, I enjoyed meaty conversations with workshop participants
about the importance of strong character in leadership.

It is fairly easy (and common) for a leader to make decisions based on
“majority rule.” While democracies often use this decision making tool, we
often forget that while the majority may RULE, the majority is not always
RIGHT. It takes a combination of guts and confidence to hold firm to your
beliefs when they are not popular.

If you have checked the facts, checked your conscience, and checked your
values, then you have an obligation to yourself and the world to stand
strong until we see it YOUR way!

Stay strong! -ptw

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