Ripples v1.19: (a bit late!)

Ripples, v 1.19 [5/24/99] An electronic postcard from Stone Soup Seminars


Into the calm lake of my life, the first stone had been tossed.
Original Source Unknown, Submitted by Tara Edberg


I’m sending out a quick Ripples from Cable, Wisconsin as I take a break
from a three day retreat with the RAs from UW-River Falls (Sorry for the
delay–Carole and Vicki had to drive 40 miles to get the necessary
equipment to send this out from the middle of the north woods!).

Last night after watching a video about the Seattle Fish Company (a wild
place to work–they throw fish and yell and have lots of fun!), we were
having an awesome discussion about how to put fun into our lives. One of
the principles they use at the Seattle Fish Company is “Choose Your
Attitude” and we all agreed that we too often let CIRCUMSTANCES or OTHER
PEOPLE decide what mood we should be in. Remember that YOU get to decide
what attitude to have and whether or not today is going to be a good one.
It is, of course, perfectly okay to have some poopy days. Just remember
that YOU choose!

Have a good week!


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