Ripples v1.18: RIPPLES OF JOY

Ripples, version 1.18 [5/17/99] An electronic postcard from Stone Soup


Walk slowly, speak sweetly, and hug tightly.
These three things are what makes life amazing.
Written and Submitted by: Meg Dilworth


JOY is what we are,
not what we must get.
JOY is the realization that all we want
or need in life has been etched into our souls.
JOY helps us see not what we are “going through,”
but what we are “growing to” —
a greater sense of understanding, accomplishment,
and enlightenment.
JOY reveals to us the calm
at the end of the storm,
the peace that surpasses
the momentary happiness of pleasure.
If we keep our mind centered on joy,
JOY becomes a state of mind.
Original Source: Iyanla VanSant, Submitted by: Kimberly Rovansek


When my sister, Mia, graduated from college in 1990, we took a trip from
Washington D.C. to Daytona Beach. Our plan was to drive all night, sleep
all day in the sun at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and then drive all night
again to arrive in Daytona on the second day. Well, we never made it past
South Carolina because when we arrived in Myrtle Beach the sun was rising
out of a dark green sea into a perfect blue sky. The salty smell sealed
our fate… we ended up spending several nights in a cheap hotel (sand in
the bed and everything) and camping in the state park right on the ocean.

Mia then went on a search for her ideal career path that over several years
took her from Massachusetts to the Dominican Republic to Alaska doing whale
research. Somewhere on that journey, she made the same realization that we
had on our 1990 adventure: The journey WAS her career path.

Well, I’m headed to Florida to be with my sister again. I think we are
going to make it this time, because she is graduating to become Dr. Mia
Wesselmann, Veterinarian! As I spend some time celebrating this milestone
in her path, I hope you will spend a moment congratulating yourself for
being on your Path.

And congrats to all those Ripples readers who are graduating! [May I
suggest a trip to Myrtle Beach?]-ptw

Copyright 1999 Stone Soup Seminars

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