Ripples v1.07

Ripples, version 1.07 [3/1/99]: An electronic postcard from Stone Soup


Friends are angels who lift our feet
when our wings are having trouble
remembering how to fly.
Original Source: unknown, Submitted by: Andrea Baird


Life is like a 30,000 piece puzzle – one for each day. If you try to judge the puzzle by each individual piece you will never figure it out. That’s why we need to picture the complete puzzle in our minds and just add each piece as it fits. The special thing about this puzzle, is it can be any picture we want, but the sooner we decide what that picture is going to be, the easier it will be to put it together. There is no picture on the box cover to guide us.  At this time in our lives, all the edge pieces have been put together… now comes the hard part…
Original Source: [removed by request of source], Submitted by: Chris Ahlers



ARE YOU CONGRUENT? I spent some time this week with a group of Public
Safety Telecommunicators….the amazing professionals who are on the other
end when you dial 911. The workshop was on preventing burnout and I spent
countless hours preparing for the presentation by reading books and
articles; I developed top notch activities and materials. It occurred to
me, though, that the most effective way to teach self care skills is to
make sure I am PRACTICING self care skills. No one is interested in
untested advice, and we can all smell FAKES a million miles away. So, my
question for you this week: what advice have YOU given recently that you
should be following?

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