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Ripples, version 1.02 [January 25, 1999]
An electronic postcard from Stone Soup Seminars


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We who would learn to fly must first learn to walk and run and climb and
dance; we cannot fly into flying. – Nietzsche


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Fire can burn
But cannot move

Wind can move
but cannot burn

Till fire joins wind
it cannot take a step.

Do men know it’s like that
with knowing and doing?

Submitted by Marcin Jakubowski, UW-Madison mailto:mjakubow@s…
Original Source: Vedic poetry, India

It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day-to-day basis.
Submitted by: Marge Anderson, Energy Center of Wisconsin
Original Source: Margaret Bonnano


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The folks at U.S. News & World Report have created a new magazine. FAST
COMPANY is only a year old and is already becoming required reading in
organizations ranging from Fed Ex to Planned Parenthood to college courses
around the country. I recommend it to anyone seeking to keep current in
this FAST world! Due to a special arrangement with the publisher, Ripples
subscribers are eligible for a discount: $12.50 for 10 issues. If you are
interested, email me your name AND MAILING ADDRESS and I will submit all
names collected by Friday. Don’t Delay!


SHAKE IT! I was part of some incredible leadership training in River
Falls, Wisconsin this weekend (we didn’t get to bed until 4 am.–how is
that for late night leadership!) and in one of the sessions we explored the
value of HANDSHAKES. A firm shake is like a “hand hug” and leaves a
memorable impression while maintaining appropriate boundaries. So reach
out and shake someone today!

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