Ripples #763: Your Creative Life!

Ripples #763:  Your Creative Life!
For our tribe of busy people who believe in
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6 Jan 2014


To live a creative life,
we must lose our fear of being wrong.
-Joseph Chilton Peace, shared by Trish in Flagstaff, AZ


When I say “be creative,”
I don’t mean that
you should all go and become
great painters and great poets.
I simply mean let your life be a painting,
let your life be a poem.
-Osho, shared by Pete in Ouray, CO


Ok, kids….here’s the deal:  We’re a few days into 2014 and it’s time for me to get real with you. I’m convinced that you need to be completely and utterly and insanely creative about the possibilities that exist for you this year.  STOP THE PRESSES:  forget about a focus on the whole year (that was soooo a few days ago during New Year’s Eve).  Instead, let’s focus on this week or maybe even just today:  I dare you to worry less about doing it RIGHT or doing it PRETTY or doing it WELL.  Just unleash your best effort to experiment creatively and wildly with something at work or school or life.  Try something new, or try something in a way you’ve never done it before.

Make today the weirdest, coolest, awesomest poem you’ve ever written.


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